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Professional Development Courses - University of Phoenix Product Launch

The working world is changing and people need ways to stay competitive in today's evolving job market. Six intense months led to the launch of an MVP shopping cart experience called Professional Development Courses: the University's first foray into the world of self-led (not instructor-led), self-paced, online courses that can be purchased without having to enroll at University of Phoenix.

I was the Content Designer on the product team that conducted:

  1. Discovery/research

  2. Ideation

  3. Wire-framing

  4. Name-testing

  5. Concept-testing

  6. Email capture efforts

  7. Prototyping

  8. Messaging architecture

  9. SEO analysis,

  10. User studies

  11. MVP launch

In addition to the microsite, I also developed all the messaging for the B2C and B2B email campaigns, digital ads and videos.


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