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Cofactor Genomics

A leader in precision medicine, Cofactor Genomics uses RNA (remember biology class?) to help make personalized decisions for patients via machine learning. Changing their business strategy from service to product, they needed a consistent brand to support this pivot.

Cofactor Genomics had bootstrapped their brand and website with no formal brand system. To complicate matters, they had already invested in brand packaging that needed to stay. We started with a high-level overview of all the current branding. All of it. Then we selected the foundational elements (color, typography, iconography, photography style, etc) that were consistent with their values and promise, cutting out what didn’t work, and building out areas that required help. We created a cohesive brand system and continue to roll it out consistently.

We then rebuilt the user path on the website, making sure that service and product options were clear in the hierarchy. With content strategy and SEO, we crafted a plan in tandem with their business requirements. Additionally, we have since added a new path for investors because everyone needs those… or at least wants them.

Taking over their existing website, we added e-commerce and integrated salesforce. Working together as a team we’re continuously refining and updating the website UX, creating user flows, and implementing new strategy to maintain our high level of customer service and brand expression consistency.

The final result is a brand system that fits seamlessly into their existing structure and allows us to roll out new areas of the site, and brand deliverables in a clear, cohesive manner.


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